Highly functional film(for pharmaceuticals and industrial materials)

Moisture-absorbing functional film which effectively eliminates moisture and outgassing problems

■Used for pharmaceuticals, diagnostics etc.

MoistCatch™is a highly functional film developed with a very advanced technology of combining resin with desiccants.
It can make perfect solutions for moisture-reactive products which require active packaging – such as pharmaceuticals and electromic components – since it’s capable of removing moisture without the use of conventional, space-taking desiccants.

●Moisture and gas absorbents dispersed within resin at a high concentration rate.
 *Our Company ‘s original technology (patent application)
●The film itself functions as moisture absorbents, desiccants are no longer necessary.
●Moisture absorbing function can be applied to products with space limitation.
●Retain all plastic properties, processable into numerous forms.
●Long-lasting absorbing property.
●Certified with the Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370 (safety and sanitary certificate issued by theJapanese government).

○Protects product by using the entire surface to implement homogeneous and efficient moisture absorbing.
○Significant productivity improvement because of the remaval of desiccant filling and inspection processes.
○No risk of products’ contamination with and accidental ingestion of desiccants.
○Asdditional processing such as lamination and heat sealing are possible.
○Could be compatible with the use of our OxyCatch™ and Non-Catch™.

We also have “Moist Catch™ CZ” which is provided by general-purpose sealant film.

Outgassing-absorbing functional film

■Contributing to maintaining product conditions, extending product shelf lives and improving product stability for pharmaceuticals, electronic components and precision equipment

OGCatch™ is an active film which absorbs only selected, smallmolecules without being affected by humidity in the environment. It effectively removes unwanted, harmful gasses produced naturally from the product and its peripheral materials and help extend product shelf lives.

●Prevents deterioration of product value due to outgassing or unpleasant odor.
●Made from regular, easy-to-use raw materials (compatible with heat sealing, lamination, and deep drawing).

Oxygen scavenger film without water involvement

■Packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronic components. Internal component of oxygen-sensitive electronic modules/units.

OxyCatch™ is an oxygen scavenger film that does not require water. With this property, it protects various oxygen-sensitive products from deterioration of qualitative stability of products, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

●Cerium-oxide lineage active agents dispersed within resin at high concentration rate
●Oxygen absorption without water involvement
●Usable in combination with desiccant or MoistCatch™ (Moisture-absorbing film made by our company)
●Oxygen absorption progress visible by the color change of the internal surface.
●Certified with the Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370 (safety and sanitary certificate issued by theJapanese government).
●Additional processing such as lamination and heat sealing are possible

Color chang with absorption progress

Layer Constitution Example

Oxygen absorption capacity

Saturated oxygen absorption:600ml/㎡
※These data are reference value rather than certified one.

 Packaging form: 4-side-seal AL-laminated pouch
 Packaging size: 125mm x 65mm (inner dimension)
 Head space:35ml

*The amount of oxygen absorption varies depending on the thickness and concentration of the active agents.


○Not sensitive to metal detectors because no iron powder is used (when aluminum is not used in the film structure)
○There is no risk of powder scattering, product contamination, or accidental ingestion at the time of breakage compared with the case of packing with a deoxidizer.
○Increased productivity by eliminating the need for the process of packaging deoxidizers and the process of inspection and confirmation
○Can be discarded as “other plastic” after use.

Retains medicinal properties and fragrance

■Pharmaceuticals, oral drugs and patch preparations (Effective in preventing leakage or penetration of flavor of the medicine and menthol in compresses)

The highly functional film provides greatly propective functionalities such as non-absorbility, odor retention, and gas barrier. It is completely heat-sealable, and processible into various forms of packaging.

Layer Constitution Example

●Non-Catch™ prevents packaging issues such as impaired medical properties and odor escaping.
●Also, the packaged product does not permeate into the adhesive layer and cause subsequentdelamination.
●Achieved gas barrier performance similar to that of EVOH film
●Heat sealing with olefin film is possible
●Flexible film
●It can also be combined with our company ‘s highly functional films.

Antistatic film without direct contact with content

Ele-not™ is a highly functional film with anti-static property. Effective on the antistatic-treated side as well as the untreated side.
Since the antistatic function is applied by printing, so a wide range of packaging materials can be used with it.

●Functions even under low-humidity conditions (During the dry midwinter season), where static electricity is easily generated.
●Optimum for preventing powder biting during powder filling
●Antistatic agent provides antistatic function without contact with the filler
●Because the untreated surface is the substrate itself, characteristics such as abrasion resistance, adhesiveness, and gloss can be utilized.

Antistatic Performance of Ele-not™

The evaluation method of antistatic property:The amount of electrification was measured after rubbing the sample surface 30 times with an acrylic cloth under the conditions of 23°C, 25%RH.

A humidity indicator without cobalts

■Checking storage conditions of electronic components affected by humidity
■Storage and transportation management of semiconductors and electronic components
■To prevent missing or insufficient desiccant, handling error, and improper storage
■Quality assurance of chemicals that degrade humidity, etc.


HumiJudge ® is a cobalt-free humidity indicator card. Containing no paper dust, it is ideal for controlling humidity in semiconductors and electronic components.
Available in 1-point type (display humidity 30%RH).

●Cobalt free
 No cobalt compounds or harmful substances, such as cobalt chloride, which is said to be carcinogenic, are used.
●High visibility
 Color change (blue to pink) equivalent to the conventional product without using cobalt compounds
●No paper dust
 Because it’s made of plastic, it does not generate paper powder like conventional paper products, so it is suitable for electronic components and semiconductor manufacturers.
●Environmentally conscious products
 As it does not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances, it can be disposed of as plastic waste.

Tube (For cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food)

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Flexible packaging container

Safety and simple hot-water drain lid

■Easy opening of covers for instant noodles, food and drinks, etc.

PartialOpen® is a functional cover material that can drain hot water of instant noodles safely.
We have achieved an excellent opening functionality by combining our “half-cut” technoligy with our proprietary easy-release resin.
Depending on the specifications of the structure, it’s very versatile. You can choose the shape and position of openings.

●Half-cut technology combined with easy release resin
●Can be used in a variety of applications, including volatilization holes of air fresher and provide product’s feature of easy to open

PartialOpen® has barrier properties and various layer structures, and can be customized depending on the contents.

Amazing non-stick film for food

■Flour paste, viscous food, various fillings

SepaSheet® is a packaging film for viscous food which needs to be separated from the body.ぐ
Very easy to peel the film off the contents, and used up without leaving any residue. Contributes to reducing food loss.

Example of component

●The stickiness is easily peeled off, and adhesion to the inside of the packaging material is reduced.
 →Reduce costs by using up content
●Easy to remove contents and high efficiency
 →No need to scrape when taking it out due to the reduction of adhesion residue.

Paper & cardboard packaging

Lifestyle bestseller with great cut-ability

■Wrap film, aluminum foil, cooking sheet

For many years, we have worked to improve the material and shape of the cutting blade, devise the shape of the box, develop new cartons, and improve the efficiency of the production process.
We offer wrap cartons that are easy to use, such as “easy to open” “easy to cut” “film does not rewind” and “Film paper tube does not pop out”.

●Industry-leading manufacturing know-how
●In addition to metal blades, environmentally friendly cutting blades such as paper blades and resin blades have been developed.
●Total proposal for product function improvement

Packaging materials



We handle a variety of films and aluminum foils made in China.
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Stretch film


We sell stretch films made in China.